Cars And Driving in the Snow

Mt. Beauty – located approx 40 minutes from Falls Creek is the closest fuel stop. You should ensure that you have sufficient fuel before leaving Mt Beauty. There are two service stations in Mt Beauty and Tawonga South, both operate 7 days a week between 7am to 7pm

Falls Creek does not have a petrol station please ensure you have sufficient fuel.

All diesel cars should fill up with ALPINE DIESEL in Mt Beauty prior to arriving at Falls Creek to ensure their vehicles operate correctly in cold conditions, with out alpine diesel fuel can solidify in your vehicle.

Do I Need Anti Freeze?
Please also ensure your radiator contains an anti-freeze additive.

RACV operates an emergency road side assist service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be contacted on (03) 57541366 or after hours on 0427424169

Do I need Snow Chains?
You MUST carry snow chains it is a legal requirement for all vehicles (including AWD and 4WD) travelling to Falls Creek to carry snow chains during the declared snow season, even when the roads are clear of snow – conditions can change very quickly.

There are multiple places on the Kiewa Valley Highway in Tawonga South and Mt beauty that hire chains. There is nowhere beyond Mt Beauty for you to hire chains.

There are designated chain fitting bays along the mountain road and you will be instructed to fit the chains if needed. Make sure you have a torch, towel, gloves and plastic sheet in the car as you never know what time of the day or what the conditions may be if you have to use your chains!

Parking & Village Entry

What About Car Parking?
All vehicles entering Falls Creek Alpine Resort must purchase car parking entry permits. These can be purchased from the following locations:

  • Resort Entry Ticket Box – Howmans Gap
  • After hour arrivals – Accommodation Transfer Terminal located on the Bogong High Plains Road
  • Various off mountain ticket agent in Mt Beauty and Myrtleford
  • Pre-purchase on-line.
    You will receive a booking number which you will need to hand over to the parking attendant.

You must display a valid permit sticker, on the driver’s side on the bottom of the windscreen. Fines apply if you do not have a sticker
Village Car Parking

You cannot park your car in the village. Falls Creek is unique as it is ski in and out to your accommodation as such, the roads in the village are closed to motor vehicles.

If there is no snow and the roads are clear you will be given a 30 minute pass to enter the village and drop off your luggage. This pass will be given to you by the car parking attendant at the village gate. You then proceed to your accommodation and then the driver of the vehicle must take the car out of the village and will be ushered to a car park. A shuttle service will then be available to take you back to your accommodation.

Getting to your apartment in snow conditions
You will unload your luggage at the Accommodation Transfer Terminal which is clearly marked on Bogong High Plains Road. You will be then shown where to park by a car parking attendant a shuttle will then bring you back to the terminal where you can catch transport to your accommodation (charges will apply) or you can walk to your accommodation.

Medical & Services

Falls Creek has a 24 hour on call medical service during winter. Please call (03) 57583238 for further information. For emergency medial assistance dial 000

For any further questions please don’t hesitate to call our office.

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